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  • Mobile Wallet App

    Mobile wallet with local deals.

    Mobile wallet account screen

    Lead product design for a mobile wallet still in stealth mode. #mobile #iOS #android

  • Causes

    Empowering people for social activism.

    Causes profiles on mobile

    Lead product design for profiles, accounts, and supporter graph on new Causes. #mobilefirst

  • Identity

    Manage your online identity.

    Identity management app

    Lead product design for Identity, the for personal and social data. #mobilefirst

  • Archives

    Envisioning the future of family history.

    Design concepts for the future of family history

    Lead product design for Archives, which was acquired for $100M by Ancestry. #mobilefirst

  • Inflection

    Highlighting the impact of an improved design/development process.

    Infograph poster for design and FED process

    Designed a 10' tall infograph poster highlighting the impact of improving the product design/development process. #infograph

  • Nimbly Apps

    The world's first qualitative analytics app.

    Qualitative analytics platform

    Designed an analytics app for quantifying qualitative research. #sass #mobilefirst

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