Presenting with Power and Confidence

How to master storytelling and communication so you can present with confidence and move your audience into action.

Fall 2023 Cohort


Starts November 2023


Six weeks, 4-6hrs / week


$1997 (installment plans available)


Who is this for

  • Executives and non-executives who are tired of seeing their ideas and projects get overlooked, or sidelined, when their colleagues are getting all the funding and support
  • Sales people who want to close more deals
  • Entrepreneurs who want to win more clients and grow their business
  • The speaker who wants their message to be heard by millions, master the stage, and move their audience into action
  • The person who feels stuck and wants to accelerate their career growth
Past students are from these companies

What do our alumni say

Renee P.

Director, Customer Experience

I’ve struggled with executive communication for years. Now, I’ve learned how to take all the “No’s” off the table. It’s magical.

Brianne H.


I had been interviewing for six months. I kept getting passed over. Todd helped me crystalize my message, build my confidence, and improve my presentation skills. 


I landed my dream job due thanks to what I learned. And I was able to use the same techniques to negotiate an additional $200,000 in compensation. This program is worth every penny. 

Brian D.

Head of Creative

We landed our biggest client pitch to-date… well into six figures. All thanks to this program.

Priyanka S.


I’ve struggled with presenting and communicating clearly for years. It was holding back my business.


After taking this course, my close rates are up 20-30% and my business is growing. This is worth 5-10x what you’re charging. 

Kim M.

VP of Product

Before this course, I had struggled for six months to get approval from our SVP.


After using the techniques I learned in this course, I was able to get executive approval and deliver a product that generated $250M in revenue for the company. 


Oh, and I got promoted. 

By the end of this program you will

  • Learn the power of storytelling and how to use it to connect with your audience
  • Overcome objections and take the “No’s” off the table
  • Understand the difference between project team and executive communications
  • Move your audience into action by understanding their motivation and language
  • Increase confidence on stage (virtual and in-person)
  • Deliver a persuasive presentation that gains approval and buy-in to move forward
Students presenting at a whiteboard

What to expect

  • Up to 20 people per cohort
  • 20+ tools and frameworks 
  • 24+ learning modules
  • 2+ hours of work per week
  • 10+ peer reviews of your work
  • 10+ hours of office-hours calls
  • Live AMA sessions
  • 6-8 assignments to practice your new skills
  • Certificate of completion
Students presenting at a whiteboard

The curriculum

This program gives you a blueprint for connecting with your audience, taking all the “No’s” off the table, and motivating them to move into action. 

Module 1 — Identifying audience and intent

We’ll kick things off with how audience and intent shape your communication and presentation strategy.



  • Learn the differences between presenting to project team and executive.
  • Identify your why—what type of meeting are you having and what is your goal?
  • Mapping your presentation based on your audience and intent to set yourself up for success. 
Module 2 — The rule of three

Learn why the rule of three is so effective and see it in action.



  • The power of three why three is the magic number.
  • The rule of three in action—how and why Apple uses it in every one of their keynotes and product announcements?
  • How to apply the rule of three in your presentations to stay focused and keep your audience engaged.
Module 3—Storytelling frameworks

Connect with your audience through frameworks like the three act structure, the hero’s journey, and what, so what, now what.



  • Hear why the three act structure was the go to favorite for Steve Jobs in every one of his keynotes.
  • Learn to use the hero’s journey to engage your audience and take them on an adventure, moving them into action.
  • Engage executives, earn their trust, and gain the support you need with what, so what, now what.
Module 4—Breaking through overwhelm

Getting started can be the hardest step. Learn how to use techniques like the SFD and histograms to not only jumpstart your presentations, but develop TED worthy presentations. This is one of our students’ favorite modules.

“Holy cow. The lesson on histograms was my favorite and worth the tuition alone.” — Nicole B.



  • Jumpstart your presentations and break through the intimidation of a blank canvas with the SFD. 
  • Avoid the most common mistakes that will save you hours in developing your final presentation.
  • Learn how to use histograms, a technique I developed and one of my best kept secrets, to develop the best, most engaging presentations of your life. 
Module 5—Visual presentation

You don’t have to be a professional designer to create presentations that clearly communicate rather than get in your way.



  • How to use principles like 10/20/30 and bite sized info for more effective slides. 
  • High quality visual imagery and where to find them for free.
  • How to create simple color palettes that make your slides look more professional and free tools.
  • The only four layouts you’ll ever need with examples.
Module 6—Delivery

Develop delivery techniques that are guaranteed to capture the audience’s attention, keep them engaged, and commit to action.



  • The most common presentation mistakes people make and how to avoid them.
  • Ways to boost your confidence and stage presence (virtually and in-person).
  • Techniques for cadence, pace, and tone that will captivate your audience and increase your authority.

Who should apply

  • Seasoned professionals working with stakeholders, executives, and colleagues who want to improve their communication and presentation skills
  • People interested in taking the stage and getting into public speaking
  • Sales people who want to close more deals
  • Mid-level professionals transitioning into leadership roles
  • Entrepreneurs who want to grow their business and increase their customer base
Woman presenting to a co-worker

Choose an enrollment option

We encourage students to seek sponsorship from your organization whenever possible. Most companies have a continuing education budget, which is perfect for this program. 

Pay in full


(Save $400)

  • The entire library of how-to videos, worksheets, and templates
  • 20+ tools and frameworks
  • 24+ learning modules
  • 10+ hours of office-hours calls
  • Live AMA sessions
  • Certificate of completion
  • Monthly live Q&A sessions
  • Lifetime access

6 installments


(One now, five later)

  • The entire library of how-to videos, worksheets, and templates
  • 20+ tools and frameworks
  • 24+ learning modules
  • 10+ hours of office-hours calls
  • Live AMA sessions
  • Certificate of completion
  • Monthly live Q&A sessions
  • Lifetime access