Because of our work together, I knew I was qualified for the management role and that’s what I told them. — Rachel

This is the story of Rachel, one of my coaching clients. Through our work together, she’s overcome self-doubt, gained self confidence, and realized the value of her worth.

In the summer of 2020, Rachel took her first step towards liberation—she booked an intro to coaching session. 

She was feeling stuck, suffering from self-doubt, and lacked clarity on how to move forward. Since her youth, Rachel had dreamed of helping people. As an adult, she pursued a career in health and wellness. Unfortunately, her dream job fell through and she began to question her career choices and path. 

I feel like I need to figure out what I should focus on before I start coaching.

Like many who reach out to me for coaching, she wasn’t sure she was ready. “I’m not sure I even know what I want to do at this point. I feel like I need to figure that out before I’m ready for coaching.” 

I explained to Rachel one of the great values of coaching is to help you figure what that next right step is. Working together, we would identify goals, establish a clear path for success, and navigate this season of change and uncertainty. 

Identifying your primary personality type

We began by identifying her dominant enneagram type, which provides unparalleled insights into communication and conflict styles. 

As someone with a background in cognitive psychology, I’ve taken just about every personality assessment available. MBTI, DISC, StrengthsFinder, Colors, The Big 5… You name—I’ve taken it. While they’re all interesting, the only two I’ve found to be truly useful are StrengthsFinder and the Enneagram. And the only one I’ve found that leads to true liberation and transformation is the Enneagram. 

Like other systems, the Enneagram associates a set of behaviors with personality types. However, unlike other systems, personality types aren’t determined by behaviors, but rather a core motivation. This distinction, among others, is one of the reasons the Enneagram is a cornerstone of my coaching practice. 

Back to Rachel’s story. 

Once we identified Rachel’s dominant Enneagram type, we had a clear understanding of her core motivation, communication, and conflict styles. We were able to identify the root cause of her anxiety and self-about. And most importantly, we were able to set clear goals, identify her path for growth, and begin a truly liberating transformation. 

The result

Fast forward four months, Rachel was interviewing for a new role. The company had two openings. The first one was an individual contributor role, which would come with a slight increase in responsibility and compensation. The second one was a management role, which would come with a significant increase in responsibility and compensation. 

After completing the interview process, Rachel received a call back and was offered the individual contributor role. She turned them down. 

When asked why, she replied, “Because I know my value and what I can bring to your company. I’m qualified for the management role. Call me back when you’re ready to offer me that role.”

If this had happened four months ago, I would’ve taken their initial offer in a heart beat. But because of our work together, I knew I was qualified for the management role and that’s what I told them.

The next day, the company called her back and offered her the management role. She was ecstatic and accepted on the spot. 

Rachel and I continue to work together as she enters a new season of leadership development.

Make 2021 your year of transformation and growth

This past year has left many of us dazed, confused, and at a loss for how to move forward. Rachel, like many of us, felt isolated, stuck, and filled with self-doubt. Rachel took the first step, invested in herself, and put in the work to go on the journey of transformation and liberation. Working together, we were able to unlock her potential, develop strategies, and equip her with techniques to manage anxiety, combat self-doubt, and realize her value. Ultimately, we helped her land an opportunity that was more aligned with her natural, spiritual gifts. 

Today, she’s in a fulfilling role, feeling more confident, and financially secure. She’s learned communication and leadership skills that have equipped her to effectively deal with challenging colleagues and work situations. In fact, she just received a promotion after  six short months in her new role.


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